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Criminal conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to engage in a criminal act. The crime of conspiracy may be charged in addition to or instead of the actual crime itself. Criminal conspiracy charges and penalties in Los Angeles, CA vary significantly by the degree of the crime alleged. As a result, hiring an experienced Los Angeles conspiracy lawyer is the best way to navigate these charges and reduce your risk of added penalties.

A criminal defendant may face additional charges in court if they are accused of conspiring with another person to engage in illegal activity. Conspiracy charges are serious crimes and can be complicated further depending on the underlying acts that led up to the conspiracy. If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with conspiracy, contact the Los Angeles criminal defense and conspiracy experts at the law offices of Stein & Markus. Our Los Angeles conspiracy lawyers have years of experience defending clients accused of serious crimes. We can help you detect flaws in case against you that can lead to a reduction or dismissal of your conspiracy charges.

Who Can Be Investigated for Conspiracy?

There are many reasons an individual may be under investigation for conspiracy. Some of the most common crimes associated with conspiracy include:

  • Robbery/theft. Robbery is defined as taking property from another person, usually through force or fear. Theft is a similar concept, although it does not include the use of force or fear present in a robbery.
  • Embezzlement. Embezzlement refers to the taking of property or assets that have been entrusted to an individual and often refers to the misappropriation of funds.
  • Drug trafficking. Drug trafficking can be broken down into two main categories: drug possession and drug sales. Drug possession refers to the act of having illegal drugs for personal use, while drug sales is the act of making profit from the distribution of illegal drugs. Both can be at the root of a federal drug conspiracy.
  • Murder. Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being with malice and forethought. This includes situations where there is intent, premeditation, deliberation, or the lack of provocation, or during the commission of another serious crime.
  • Bribery. Bribery is the act of giving money or goods in exchange for some sort of special treatment.
  • Gambling & racketeering. Illegal gambling refers to activities that involve the use of illegal betting or fraud. With racketeering, an individual might receive a fee or some other compensation, or they might use their influence over someone else to make money illegally or under false pretenses.

Planning a single or ongoing set of crimes in one or more of these categories may be charged as conspiracy. If you are being investigated for any crime in Los Angeles, you should not hesitate to reach out to an experienced Los Angeles conspiracy attorney or conspirator attorney for help.

Why Should I Hire a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you are charged with conspiracy, there are many reasons you should hire a Los Angeles conspiracy lawyer instead of representing yourself. The risk of a lengthy prison sentence, hefty fines, and probation is very real if you are convicted of conspiracy. In some cases, the penalty may be even more severe if the prosecution can link you to other crimes that occurred as part of a conspiracy.

Hiring a Los Angeles drug conspiracy lawyer can help you:

  • Understand the charges you are facing. The charges filed against you can vary significantly depending on the type of conspiracy in question. For example, some conspiracies may deal with misdemeanor crimes, while others could result in Los Angeles federal prosecution. It is important that you receive a complete explanation of the charges against you so that you can begin building a defense against the allegations.
  • Explore defenses. The best way to protect yourself against conspiracy charges is by building a strong defense that either refutes or alters the prosecution’s theory of events. A conspiracy lawyer in Los Angeles should be able to help you understand the elements of conspiracy, the criminal intent required to be convicted of a conspiracy, and the types of defenses that might help you achieve a more favorable outcome.
  • Negotiate a plea agreement if appropriate. There are cases where it might be more beneficial to negotiate a plea agreement and avoid going through a long and complicated trial process. This often happens when the prosecution has a compelling case they can prove against you. A lawyer may be able to help you see the benefits of accepting some degree of responsibility for what occurred. This can often help you minimize your sentence or eliminate some charges that might be filed against you.
  • Seek a reduction of bail. The amount of bail set for your case can vary significantly and may not be affordable for you and your family. A competent Los Angeles conspiracy attorney should help you understand the process required to petition the court to reduce your bail so you can be released from custody.
  • Represent you in court during your trial. Attorneys with experience in conspiracy cases can provide valuable assistance and help you identify potential holes in the prosecution’s argument. They may be able to provide evidence that could lead to a mistrial or provide you with the opportunity to have charges reduced or even dropped after trial.

By hiring a conspiracy lawyer, you can ensure that your rights are asserted, and you are defended against charges that could potentially send you to prison or result in other serious consequences.

What Questions Will I Be Asked?

There are several questions your conspiracy lawyer will ask you, including:

  • How did law enforcement become aware of the alleged criminal activity?
  • Who was involved in the alleged conspiracy?
  • What was the alleged role of each person?
  • What type of illegal activity occurred during the alleged conspiracy?
  • Why do you believe you are being accused of conspiracy?

By asking these questions, an experienced attorney can begin building an argument that will help you achieve the most favorable outcome for your situation.

Can You Be Convicted of a Conspiracy Crime Even If You Didn’t Take Direct Action to Further the Plot?

You can be convicted of a conspiracy even if you didn’t commit any criminal activity at all. To successfully prove that you are guilty of a conspiracy crime, the prosecution must prove that there was an agreement between you and another person or persons. They must also prove that criminal intent existed at the time of the agreement, and the act one or more people committed to further the conspiracy is connected to your agreement.

If you believe you can disprove any of these elements, contact a conspiracy lawyer in Los Angeles. Your lawyer will be able to help you understand the charges that have been filed against you, what evidence has been collected to support these allegations, and what defenses might help you achieve a more favorable outcome. Your attorney can help you construct an argument that is consistent with your personal interpretation of the events. 

What Qualities Should I Seek in a Conspiracy Lawyer?

An experienced Los Angeles conspiracy lawyer should demonstrate the following essential qualities:

  • Strong legal skills. You should hire a Los Angeles conspiracy attorney that has an in-depth understanding of conspiracy law and how it might apply to your case. It’s a good idea to consider the attorney’s education, training, and experience as well.
  • Successful track record. You should do your due diligence and learn how many cases this Los Angeles conspiracy attorney has defended and what kind of results were obtained in each case. The final verdict is especially important, but any charges that were reduced or dropped are also relevant.
  • Passionate about defending your rights. You are hiring an attorney to protect your rights, so make sure that you select one who is committed to fighting for justice on your behalf.
  • Formidable legal team. You should look for a law firm that has a dedicated support staff in place to handle all your legal needs.
  • Available when you need them. One of the most important qualities in a Los Angeles conspiracy attorney is accessibility. You should select an attorney who will be there for you and your family when your criminal activity is discovered and throughout the resulting legal proceedings.
  • Empathy. There is nothing worse than when a lawyer is heartless and indifferent about your situation. A Los Angeles conspiracy lawyer should be understanding, supportive, and encouraging as you navigate the legal process.

Being accused of any crime can be a challenging experience, but you should have confidence that your legal team is working hard to protect your rights and secure an outcome that is in your best interests.

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