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The term robbery is used within the criminal justice system and California penal code to describe the stealing of property. However, robbery is differentiated from other forms of theft and burglary in that it goes beyond the simple act of taking property and involves the use of threat or force to accomplish the crime. Robbery can take place in public, private, or commercial settings. No matter the location, the legal consequences of robbery are harsh and may include probation, lengthy prison terms, and significant fines.

It’s important to understand how serious a robbery charge is in California. Robbery is a felony, and operating under the “three strikes rule,” a third felony conviction results in a mandatory prison sentence. Thus, the potential consequences of being convicted of robbery are high, especially if the crime involved violence or was committed in connection with another crime. For the best possible chance of achieving a favorable outcome in your robbery trial, you need to hire an experienced Los Angeles robbery defense lawyer today. The team at Stein & Markus has helped hundreds of individuals accused of robbery, and we can provide the most effective defense possible to fight your robbery charges.

Do I Need a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney?

Of course, it is possible for the police to arrest people without enough evidence. Sometimes, the authorities’ only evidence shaky, so you may think it would be best to defend yourself. Or, you may believe your confession has effectively eliminated your chances of reducing your charges. However, a skilled defense lawyer can help you build an effective argument and even get a confession thrown out if it was not received under the proper circumstances. You are entitled to have an attorney present during questioning, but if the police don’t let you contact your lawyer, your confession may not be admissible later in court. Without your statement, the prosecution might not be able to prove its case.

Regardless of your circumstances, you need an experienced defense lawyer by your side when you face serious robbery charges. Your criminal defense attorney will carefully review the evidence and determine how best to discredit or explain the prosecution’s case.

The value a Los Angeles robbery attorney can provide to your case is substantial. Services your attorney offers should include:

  • Assistance in creating a strong defense strategy to reduce or dismiss a charge.
  • Representing you in court during all proceedings, including bail hearings and preliminary hearings.
  • Appealing bail decisions or bail amounts.
  • Protecting your legal rights from the beginning of a case to end.
  • Negotiating with the prosecution.

It’s clear that to secure your future, you should never handle robbery charges alone. Consult with a Los Angeles robbery defense lawyer from Stein & Markus today. We can help you limit the damage and protect your legal rights.

What Is the Punishment for Robbery in LA, California?

The punishment for robbery in California can vary, as there are several types of robbery offenses. Each has different penalties, but the primary distinction is whether weapons were involved. These are common robbery charges and their penalties:

  • Simple RobberyAs the lowest-level robbery offense, simple robbery is committed without a weapon or even the threat of using a weapon. To secure a conviction, an attorney must prove the victim feared the defendant due to some gesture or statement. A simple robbery conviction may result in probation, fines, and up to one year in jail.
  • Robbery with a Firearm—The most serious robbery charge is armed robbery, which involves the use or threatened use of a weapon while taking property. There are three levels of armed robbery in California, each with its own penalty range based on the circumstances involved in the crime. Armed robbery is punishable by three to six years in state prison.
  • Robbery with a Deadly Weapon—The use or threatened use of a deadly weapon during the commission of a robbery is considered armed robbery with a deadly weapon. As defined by California law, a deadly weapon is any object that is deadly or dangerous and used in such a way that it can cause death or severe bodily injury. If the victim suffers a significant or substantial physical injury, you will be charged with robbery with a deadly weapon causing great bodily injury. This is a felony charge that carries a penalty of two to five years in state prison, with a minimum sentence of five years if the victim is substantially hurt.
  • Robbery with Special Circumstances—A special circumstances allegation increases the severity of the crime and its potential penalties. A robbery offense may qualify as a special circumstances allegation if it involved the use or threatened use of a gang, great bodily injury, or firearm.

What Type of Law Is Robbery? What Are Some Defenses?

Robbery is a crime tried in court with the aid of a prosecution team, and defense against robbery charges exists as a subset of criminal defense law. To prove someone guilty, the prosecution must meet specific standards in terms of gathering evidence, explaining it in court, and presenting it to a judge and jury. There are several strategies defense lawyers employ to leave room for reasonable doubt on the part of the jury, securing lesser charges, a reduced sentence, or outright dismissal of the case.

Here are some common defenses against robbery charges:

  • The defendant was falsely accused. This is one of the most common and most effective defenses in any criminal case. Anyone, even a person with good character and an unblemished record, can be wrongly accused by someone with ulterior motives.
  • The defendant was falsely accused by someone with a grudge against them. Though less common, there are circumstances when the accuser in a robbery case has a reason to lie to get back at you. They may have criminal charges of their own they are trying to get dropped by accusing you of a crime, or they may have a personal motive, such as financial gain.
  • The defendant was the victim of mistaken identity. If someone is accused of robbing a person they did not actually rob, they may be a victim of misidentification. This can happen in more than one way. For example, the victim could have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the incident took place and unable to accurately recall what took place.
  • The defendant was falsely accused because of an unrelated crime. There are times when police officers arrest someone for one crime, only to discover new evidence and charge them with another crime. Accused individuals who are the victims of this kind of police misconduct should seek legal representation immediately.

Various defenses may be available in your case. A consultation with an experienced Los Angeles robbery defense attorney will help you make more informed decisions regarding how to proceed and increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

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What Should I Do If I’m Accused of Theft?

If you are arrested and accused of committing a robbery, follow these essential tips:

  • Do not make any official statements to the police. The reason for this is simple: anything you say can be used against you in court. If police approach you for questioning about a robbery, it’s important that you exercise your right to remain silent until you can have your attorney present. If this is not possible, speak with a Los Angeles robbery defense lawyer before answering any questions or giving any statements.
  • Be smart. If you are not sure of the best course of action, then do nothing until you have a chance to speak with a lawyer.
  • Stop. If you are already accused of robbery, do not make your situation worse by committing additional crimes. Fight the charges against you and be vigilant against breaking the law further.
  • Do not try to handle things on your own. If you face robbery charges, you need an experienced professional to help you. This is a complex area of criminal law, and you need someone with the necessary skills and experience to fight for your freedom.
  • Do not sign anything. Read any statement or document given to you, but do not sign it until you have had a chance to review your options with an experienced Los Angeles robbery defense attorney.

How Much Does a Robbery Defense Lawyer Cost in California?

A California criminal defense attorney may charge between $250/hour to $500/hour, but those fees can increase with the skill level, experience level, and reputation of the attorney. For this reason, many people charged with robbery in California are comfortable accepting the help of a public defender to avoid the cost of an attorney. However, while public defenders are often skilled attorneys, they carry a heavy case load and are frequently unable to give your case the attention it deserves. Avoiding the substantial cost of potential fines and even prison time can be well worth the cost of a dedicated criminal defense attorney.

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Los Angeles robbery defense attorneys know that anyone can become a victim of robbery under the right circumstances. They also know that falsely accused individuals are also victims, this time of either misidentification or malice on the part of the accuser. The facts of every robbery case are unique and require in-depth analysis by expert counsel to construct a formidable defense.

If you have been accused of robbery in Los Angeles County, contact a criminal defense lawyer from Stein & Markus immediately. We have over twenty years of experience defending robbery cases. We are committed to protecting your rights and fighting for your freedom.

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