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What Our Clients Say

“The best attorney ever Andrew Stein. I heard the cops say this. Guy has a great attorney. I won my DUI on the first court date. Well respected and will always give you the best outcome ever. Don’t waste your money with a cheap attorney I guarantee you will be happy. This guy walks in and will put your mind at ease. Thank you Stein & Markus I will always remember how you took care of business and took control of the court room, the judge smiled at him “Motion Granted case Dismissed” Then the best dressed attorney smiled and wrapped it up. Eternally Gratefully. Thanks again!”
Tony A.

“I used Andrew Stein a few years ago. It was the best decision I made after making a very stupid decision. I highly recommend this guy. He didn’t tell me it will be ok, he straight out said what the F$&@ was I thinking. Well needless to say I got off and I truly respect this man’s honesty and hard work he put in to get me a slap on the wrist. Let’s just say he scared me straight.”
Michael M.

“Yes! I love Mr. Andrew Stein. He has been our family attorney for 28 years he has never ever disappointed us. He has always taken care of my family. He keeps it real and tells you exactly how it is!
Gina R.

“Omg just got goosebumps watching this video. Andrew Stein fought for me when I was fighting a life sentence for murder and it got reduced to manslaughter, and I did only 6 years. I’m so thankful for this guy, thank you Andrew Stein, love you bro. I really walked out of Norwalk court with my life back. I’m out and doing really good. I’m blessed and I owe it all to you and God for putting you in my life to fight for me.”
Andrew M.

Andrew Stein
Joseph A Markus

“Attorneys at Law Offices of Stein & Markus your welcome but honestly THANK YOU!
You really are a warrior in that courtroom, a true fighter. I truly recommend you to all those in need of help with their case. I know through experience.”
Andrew A.

“I was a juvenile tried as an adult. I did 29 years before earning my parole. I’ve seen alot, including mediocre attorneys. Knowing Billy personally and seeing what Stein & Markus have done for him, you guys are the real deal. There’s many guys in there that need to know about you. Keep up the good work.”
David V.

“Andrew Stein was my husband’s lawyer years ago. He was a three Striker and was facing 36 to life. Andrew fought for him. My husband got 3 years double up in 2 years priors.”

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