Weapons Violations

Firearms and other weapons are tightly regulated in California, and penalties for violating state or federal firearms laws can be very harsh. At The Law Office of Stein & Markus in Bellflower, we provide strong, personalized defenses for clients charged with weapons crimes of all types. Whether you’re accused of illegally possessing a firearm under California law or violating federal laws related to weapons trafficking, our lawyers have the experience needed to protect you in court.

Law Office of Stein & Markus | Attorney in Bellflower, CA

Building Defenses Against Gun Charges

Law Office of Stein & Markus | Attorney in Bellflower, CA

With more than 75 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys know how to present successful defenses for clients accused of:

  • Illegal possession of firearms or ammunition
  • Brandishing a firearm
  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Negligent discharge of a gun
  • Ex-felon in possession of a firearm
  • Possessing assault weapons or large-capacity magazines
  • Possessing an unregistered firearm
  • Using a firearm while committing a felony
  • Weapons trafficking
  • Droop at the tip of the nose
  • Mildly crooked noses

Many of these crimes can be prosecuted in state or federal court. The Law Office of Stein & Markus maintains a strong federal criminal defense practice and our lawyers are able to guide you and advise you every step of the way, no matter what court system you’re involved in.

Exploring All Possible Defenses

Our Bellflower attorneys tailor your defense to the specific facts and circumstances of your case. We investigate thoroughly, assess the possibilities, and communicate with you to make sure you always know what’s happening in your case. Depending on the charges and the facts, available defenses may include:

  • The gun was found during an illegal search by law enforcement in violation of the 4th Amendment
  • You have a valid license or permit to carry a concealed weapon
  • You possessed a gun because you were in fear for your life
  • You were unaware of the presence of a gun in your vehicle, apartment, etc
  • You possessed a gun with an altered serial number but did not know it had been altered
Law Office of Stein & Markus | Attorney in Bellflower, CA

Additional Issues to Consider Regarding Weapons Offenses

Law Office of Stein & Markus | Attorney in Bellflower, CA

Because weapons offenses are treated so severely by prosecutors, it is important to realize that convictions for these crimes can lead to consequences that reach beyond the immediate case.
First, if you are convicted of a felony in which you personally used a gun, that conviction could count toward California’s Three Strikes law. Under that law, two convictions for felonies or certain violent crimes mean double the prison time; three convictions mean 25 years to life.
Second, if you are an immigrant, the potential for deportation is high. Your status and right to remain in the U.S. could be jeopardized.
These are just two examples of reasons why it is critical to retain a skilled attorney as soon as possible if you’ve been accused of any crime related to firearms or other weapons in California.

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Mr. Markus!! Words cannot describe how grateful and appreciative we are to you and Andrew for working so hard towards my release! Forgive the delay of this message. These past 2 days have been a whirlwind of emotions and somewhat of a blur, yet it’s been indescribably humbling. I have a DIFFERENT outlook on life than I did 20 years ago. I plan to excel in my life, marriage and in all aspects of my new journey, not cutting corners or risking anything that would jeopardize my 2nd chance at life. Thanks to you I’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime (literally)! My gratitude towards Stein & Markus is incomprehensible! Thank you once again! We will be posting on Facebook … about your outstanding work! Have a wonderful day! Forever Grateful! God Bless!

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